Gelati Giuseppe – the artisan way?

Gelati artigianali”, traditional Italian artisan ice creams, are thought to be the best in the world in terms of quality. Ice cream plant owners, more often than not, claim they continue age-old traditional production methods, but their products have little in common with true artisan ways. Artisan gelati are a polar opposite of both industrial ice creams and those produced in smaller facilities but based on commonly used ice cream powder formulas. Giuseppe selects only the most natural and only single ingredients, opening a whole new door of creative possibilities when creating or improving flavours (please note he does not use any instant ice cream formulas and the likes). Gelati Giuseppe are free from colouring agents and aromas of all kinds and contain instead a high percentage of fruits, nuts, cacao, vanilla etc. – ingredients responsible for the intensive taste, great aroma and natural colour. In our facility we use as little thermal processing as possible to ensure nutrients stay intact and people can relish a truly fresh and natural treat. Thus, as a result of our philosophy we do not pasteurise our gelati and use raw ingredients (e.g fruit juices, fruits, cacao, agave nectar) whenever we have the option to do so. Industrial machinery artificially aerates ice creams, so that they increase their volume by 70 to 120 %, making them into more of a ‘pumped up’ product and dramatically decreasing taste’s intensity. Gelati Giuseppe's artisan frozen desserts, during the natural churning process increase their volume only by about 25%. This amount of air is required for a true flowering of taste and an ideal creamy structure.

What does ‘cruelty-free’ mean?

Cruelty-free is a philosophy that seeks to avoid all products associated with human or animal suffering.  You won’t find any animal products (such as milk, eggs, gelatin and carmine) in our recipes.  Other ingredients e.g. coffee, cacao, unrefined cane sugar, gula java (coconut blossom sugar) bear the Fair Trade certification mark.

How are Gelati Giuseppe’s products different from others?

Innovative author recipes are transformed into gelati using traditional Italian artisan production methods. Instead of white, refined sugar Giuseppe uses unrefined cane sugar, agave nectar and xylitol (birch sugar). Plant milk (derived from rice, soy and coconuts), inulin (natural probiotic) and highly nutritious ingredients known as “superfoods” (raw cacao, spirulina, goji berries) are also used. Majority of our ingredients are certified organic. Our gelati are absolutely 0% cholesterol. In comparison with normal ice cream they are less caloric and more easily digestible.

Who can enjoy Gelati Giuseppe’s goodies?

All those, who value a healthy and tasty dessert, dieters and great gelato connoisseurs.
People allergic to eggs, milk proteins(or lactose intolerant) alongside those on a gluten-free diet and vegans. Because of their natural ingredients Gelati Giuseppe make an ideal dessert for all children

Our gelato packaging.