Serving 100% plant organic gelati to satisfy the hearts, minds and palates of our conscious clients all over the globe.

Satisfying the heart?
Italian gelato Maestro Giuseppe Lamandini is the man behind the products. They are made with love, and you know they taste better that way. Our principles manifest in real life as compassion towards the planet and all its inhabitants, including the farmers which are under the umbrella of Fair Trade partnership. You can purchase our gelati with joy, knowing full well that it is both a noble and ethical investment.

Satisfying the mind?
It is common sense that, if we value our health, it is better to eat natural products and avoid white sugar and cholesterol. Our gelati being a nutrient-dense product supply your body with what it needs to thrive. It is common sense that living healthfully saves us time and money (spent on doctors and medicine). Every person asked whether they would prefer a product sprayed with pesticides, herbicides or fungicides to one grown on an organic farm answers the same – nobody wants chemistry on their plate. Finally, it is common sense not to pasteurise gelati to keep the nutritional value intact.

What about the palate?
Considering the two above statements this answer is clear…through our utmost care for the highest quality ingredients (input), we manufacture a product (output) chief characteristics of which are: better texture, natural color, more intense smell (because of high quality and high percentage of ingredients) and last but absolutely not the least richer taste.

Why conscious clients?
Let us wish for a world when more people begin to live by the planet-friendly rules.


We’re doing it because we want to:

1. Give you the choice of a supremely tasty, healthy AND ethical product

We are the only producer in Poland who doesn’t use milk. Nature provides infinity of options from which we can choose our ingredients so there is no need to resort to animal exploitation. Our company stands as a proof to that. Our product is an extension of our life’s philosophy and an example of an ideal harmony with nature.

2. Inspire you to follow our footsteps...or should we say foodsteps?

Our deepest appreciation for taking the time to get to know us better.
GG team